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Greeting Cards

Batik CardsHOLIDAY GREETING CARDS This holiday season you’ll need the perfect card to go with the perfect gift, but you’ve been to the store and their selection doesn’t impress you and neither do their prices. I have a solution for you: homemade cards. You get to choose their design and you can personalize the message on... Read more »

Batik Baby Shoes

both pairs goodToday I want to showcase a DIY gift idea for the tiniest members of your family, Batik Baby Shoes! This pattern comes from a fellow blogger,¬†thatssewnina, who created this pattern by disassembling a cloth baby shoe that she had purchased from a store – how ingenious! These incredibly adorable slippers are great for non-walking infants... Read more »

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Please enjoy our presentation of the most interesting and colorful artistic expressions in the world. Whether you are in search of  Batik Paintings, Batik Fabrics in Cotton, Rayon, and Knit or unique Patterns, you have come to the right place.  We offer the latest batik designs available from Indonesia.

Our selection of Batik Art Paintings provide quilters, fabric artists, and interior designers with an opportunity to combine an ancient art form with a contemporary use.  Each Batik Art Painting is hand made individually using 100% cotton fabric. Currently we have over 700  fabulous designs of  Batik Art Paintings in all styles, colors and sizes.  These are great for quilt projects, as medallion pieces, banners clothing or simply used as a signed art wall hanging.  On our Project Ideas page you will see many fantastic beaded, stitched and bedazzled quilts, clothing and fabrics. 

We also offer our exclusive line of Batik Fabrics.  Our extensive selection of Cotton Batik Fabrics, offers quilters & fashion designers just what they need for their next project. The Rayon Batik Fabrics are suitable for all fashion sewing, with endless possibilities. This elegant fabric drapes nicely and is fun to wear. We are the only supplier of Knit Batik Fabric in the US. Knit Fabrics are comfortable , easy to sew  and great for travel.  Batik Knit Fabric is perfect for skirts, jackets, tops, pants, scarves and more. All of our Batik fabrics are machine washable and dryer safe.

We pride ourselves on our prompt service and huge variety of batik.

Are you looking for that unique pattern not offered in chain fabric stores?  We have many remarkable fashion patterns, quilt patterns, and accessory patterns.

Please enjoy browsing our current selections.

About our company- Indonesian Batiks

My company began in 1984.  In the beginning , I was flying back and forth to Indonesia a couple times a year, since communicating  by phone  and mail was difficult.  I have built relationships, over the years with artists in Indonesia  and can call many people there my friends.  I have seen children grow up and become adults with families themselves, some of them continuing in the family batik business. I work directly with the artists and am pleased to offer their high- quality batik to you. It is the perfect way to help the artists show their batik art and offer it to you at a reasonable price.  Batik is my passion and staying connected with  friends in Indonesian is a great joy to me.

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On crisp fall day, I tend to reach for a cardigan. In the Pacific Northwest we have an old adage: LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS. When it's chilly out, there's nothing better than layering a cozy knit cardigan over your outfit, even better if it adds a pop of color to your day!
Pattern 151- Cool Cardigan

Knit Batik Fabric

Day Lilies on Bright Multi