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Each Batik Painting is hand dyed, individually, by artists in Indonesia.  The fabric is 100% Cotton.  All dyes are colorfast, machine wash and dry.

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Grab Bag
Each package of 3 paintings is completely random within its category. All are unique and special. Grab a 3-painting package at a ridiculously low price and enjoy the surprise!
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Artist Seconds
Can you spot the spot??? These artist seconds are paintings with minor color flaws or slight dye runs, but are completely usable.
Miscellaneous Batik Paintings
In this miscellaneous category each painting differs from the next in design and color. Make it a fun surprise to see what you get! Prices are discounted.
New Batik Paintings
Check out our new selection of one of a kind Batik paintings, each carefully crafted by Indonesian artists.
African Theme
This includes African Scenes, People, and African Animals.
Alligators are the symbol of primal energies and survival
Birds symbolize bringing color and vibrancy back into our lives
In Asian cultures the Butterfly has been the symbol of joy and the essence of happiness. Enjoy our many colorful designs and sizes.
Cats are symbols of independence, many lives,cleverness, and curiosity.
Celtic Designs
The Celtic knot symbol, is also referred to as the endless knot. In viewing these beautiful knots, we cannot see a beginning or end. We are reminded of the timeless nature of our spirit.
Cows and Water Buffalo
In many cultures the Cow is the symbol of Mother Earth, nuturing gentleness, while the Water Buffalo symbolizes power, wealth, and comfort.
Dragonflies represent courage, strength, and happiness
Dragons are said to be the symbol of supernatural powers with incredible strength and hidden wisdom.
Elephants, and Hippos
Elephants symbolize wisdom, while Hippos symbolize creation and rebirth
One of the Buddist symbols of good fortune- standing for abundance and wealth
Flowers represent beauty.
Frogs and Geckos
The Frog is a symbol of metamorphosis, also symbolizing creativity and forward thinking. Geckos are considered to be a sign of good luck and a symbol of keeping one eye on the past while focusing the other on the future.
symbol of intuition, flexibility
The Horse is the symbol of strength and power,also signifies the ablilty to cope under difficult circumstanes.
South Pacific Theme
Beautiful scenes of the South Pacific and the people of these islands
Kanji Designs
Kanji are adopted Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese writing system
Many coastal Lighthouses in many sizes
Music and Dance
Musicians and Dancers
Native American Designs
Native American symbols offer us a complete language of life, nature, and the spirit world.
North West Theme
This category includes Dolphins, Whales, Crabs, Puffins, and Lighthouses
From Turtles, to Dolphins, Whales, Crabs, and even Mermaids.
The penguin is a symbol of agility, drive, and purpose
People and Idols
Many types of People- Musicians, Dancers, Primitive, South Pacific people , African people, along with Idols.
Primitive Designs and Masks
Primitive society had its Masks. Modern society has its mirrors.
The Turtle is a ancient symbol representing creation, endurance, stabilty, longevity, and a gentle innocence.
The Zebra symbolizes individuality, clarity without filters
Black Line Batiks
These Batik Paintings use a techique outlining the design with black, rather than using the wax to create a white outline.
Medium Size
Appproximately 18" x 27" All dyes are colorfast
Large Size
Approximately 28" x 36" All dyes are colorfast
Long Panels
These Batik Paintings are approximately 18" x 56". Either verical or horizontal.
5" Batik Packets
To view all 9 Batiks in the packet, go back to the Main Menu. Click on Batik Mini Packets.
6" Batiks Packets
To view all 9 Batiks in the packet, go back to the Main Menu. Click on Batik Mini Packets.
9" x 9" Batik Squares
These Batik Paintings are approximately 9" x 9"
12" x 12" Batik Squares
Approximately 12" x 12"
This rock climber!

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