Rayon Batik Fabrics

These truly exotic Rayon Batik Fabrics from Indonesia are safe for machine wash and dry and all of the dyes used are colorfast. When calculating yardage needs, remember that Rayon Batik Fabrics can shrink up to 3" per yard.
Rayon Batik Fabrics
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New Rayons
NEW! Enjoy our selection of new colors and motifs!
Multi- Colored Background
Border Motif
Swirls and Circles
Blacks, Grays
Pinks, Reds, Oranges
Greens, Olives, Teals
Blues, Aquas
Purples, Lavendars
Yellow, Browns
Hand- Dyed- No Motif
Small Motif
Medium Motif
Large Motif
Butterflies, Dragonflies
Florals, Leaves, Plants
Water, Fish, Sea Animals
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